Create mathematical graphs for presentations, with Fleye Graphing Calculator

Fleye is a free graphing calculator with the purpose to make life easier for students and professionals in the sciences, by creating mathematical graphs for presentations (Physics, Differential Equations, Calculus).

Features: Graph in eight different coordinate systems – 1. Cartesian, 2. Reverse-Axis Cartesian, 3. Parametric, 4. Polar, 5. Vector Field, 6. Slope Field, 7. Cartesian Gradient Field, 8. Polar Gradient Field. Save graphs and beautifully drawn functions as png and gif files. Automatically recall your own important variables. Functions ranging from calculus to statistics, and unique ones like base conversion. Drag the graph, zoom in and out, and trace curves.

To use Fleye you need to have the Java Runtime Environment

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Download Fleye Graphing Calculator