Tags Use in Winamp Advanced Title Formatting (ATF)

%year%: Returns the Year field.

%genre%: Returns the Genre field.

%comment%: Returns the Comment field.

%tracknumber%: Returns the TrackNumber with no padding, eg. Track 1 will be displayed as 1. To pad with zeros, eg. 01, 02…10, 11, use the $num or $lpad function.

%track%: Same as %tracknumber%

%albumartist%: Returns the Album Artist field. Winamp 5.3+ Only.

%disc%: Returns the Disc No. tag, if available, eg. 1/2 (Disc #1 of a 2CD set).

%composer%: Returns the Composer field.

%publisher%: Returns the Publisher (Record Label) field.
Winamp 5.3+ Only.

%streamtitle%: Returns the Streaming Title for streams, if one exists.

%bitrate%: Returns the Bitrate (will use average bitrate for vbr).

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