Manage your files mapped into a calendar view, with Nemo Documents

Nemo is a free program that inspects a current folder’s structure to generate a different view of your files. Documents, images and other files are mapped into a calendar-like view, familiar from Outlook or Google Calendar. This makes your files easier to find. Nemo wants to be for documents what Outlook is for calendars, an intuitive way to manage files. It stays out of the way as much as possible, living in the notification area (system tray).

By integrating with Windows Desktop Search Nemo lets you search for phrases or words inside documents and combine that with other clues that you can remember about a document, such as a specific month or the file type.

Nemo adds labels on top of your current folder structure as a way to help you organize things. You can give your documents labels to supplement your folder structure.

Nemo Documents works with Office files such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint, PDF, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, images, video files and more. It runs in the background and monitors your files, relying on Windows Desktop Search for heavy-duty full-text indexing. It’s very important for Nemo to run all the time so that it can detect when files change.