Make On Line photo and video Galleries easily, with PhotoPageGen

PhotoPageGen is a free and easy program that lets you make on line albums of photos and videos.

You can just drag and drop any folder to add photos, or web address of videos and photos. Unfortunately the program won’t let you add but only complete folders – you cannot select particular photos. Created html files are saved inside this same folder.

After you finish adding your media, you can give a title and description, select web page colors for your gallery, sorting options, thumbnails style, captions, etc. The program supports watermarks, in both forms of a text and image / logo.

As you add a directory with images the program presents a window where you can preview the appearance of your gallery. Clicking an image opens a larger version and initializes a slideshow with nagivation menu.

PhotoPageGen lets you upload everything to your web page’s server, or to hosting drives such as Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.

Download PhotoPageGen