Manage your movie collection adding artwork automatically, with tinyMediaManager

tinyMediaManager is a free program that lets you manage your movie library, connect to on line resources and add artwork, search and filter all entries, etc.

The program is written in Java (you need Java environment already installed) and features a clean and convenient interface, even dividing all possible material in just three main categories: movies, TV shows and movie sets. However, a wealth of settings not visible immediately, to keep the environment simple, will give you a lot of power to customize the program according to your needs.

On-line sources the program can connect to and grab information for your videos include IMDb, TMDb, MovieMeter, Zelluloid, OFDb… To select artwork to add to your entries you can browse several images the program downloads automatically to help you decide. You can also browse, open on-line and download movie trailers.

Beyond basic categorization movie filters let you define genre, year, runtime, bitrate, subtitles, etc. A nice feature of tinyMediaManager is the ability to guess information for TV series from file and folder names, assuming you have seasons and episodes already somehow organized this way in Windows explorer folders.

Download tinyMediaManager