Organize your Git repository projects, publishing commits easily, with SmartGit

If you use Git for your projects it certain that you need the greatest possible flexibility and conveniency, which is the reason SmartGit exists. SmartGit is an interface that will let you avoid the command prompt, make modifications and publish new versions, easily, clone versions, etc.

As you may now from similar tools such as TortoiseSVN, SmartGit lets you work locally and publish globally.

A nice feature of SmartGit is that it lets perform comparisons between versions and merge data. Another great feature is the support of team work (see and compare changes of others, etc.)

SmartGit does not support only Git, but also Subversion and Mercurial, and not only GitHub but also Codebase and Bitbucket. Since it is free, you have nothing to lose if you decide to try it, so go ahead and enjoy!

Download SmartGit