Change wallpaper in intervals even using Flickr or any Website images, with BioniX Background Switcher

BioniX Background Switcher is a free and powerful wallpaper manager, that lets you use your own or on-line images as desktop wallpapers, even put a calendar or clock on your desktop. The program supports multi-monitor setups.

The program’s interface is convenient, allowing also drag and drop. BioniX Background Switcher is able to remove duplicates, clean your lists from files you may have deleted, etc. Any directory you prefer can be monitored for new or removed images.

A nice feature you may not find in the majority of wallpaper managers is the use of Flickr images and different sets of (lighter) wallpapers for the day and (darker) for the night. BioniX Background Switcher is also able to retouch wallpapers on the fly for more or less brightness, contrast, etc., and of course resize them according to your desktop real estate.

Besides its wallpaper functions, the program can put a calendar on the desktop and a digital clock.

Download BioniX Background Switcher