Save space zipping Outlook attachments automatically, with Pack Attachments

Pack Attachments is a free Outlook add-in that zips email attachments to help you save space.

The add-in is extremely easy to configure. Just select the folders that you want to be scanned for attachments, your Inbox or anything, and enjoy!

The add-in searches all folders you selected to compress the attached files. Note that you cannot customize the names of zip archives, they are all called “”. If a message contains several attachments, they are all zipped in the same archive.

A commercial version of the add-in provides more flexibility, such as creating a separate archive for each attachment, customizing the name of the archives, etc. If you don’t need these, the free version will work just fine to let you save some space.

Download free Pack Attachments add-in and free Utility Manager (it is needed for the add-in to work)