Diary with encrypted entries, full text search, attachments, import and export options

Diary is a free and portable (no need to install) program that has evolved along with the author’s habit of keeping personal notes. The program allows you to keep text, images, and numerous files attached to a day of the calendar. To every page of your diary or logbook you can add up to sixteen images.

it loads the image, and stores it in an (encrypted) JPX file inside the applications main directory, along with the (encrypted) DRY files. That way, you can take the whole Diary with you by just copying one directory. As filenames for the images are of the form yyyymmdds.jpx, it would be a piece of cake to locate an image in the working directory. Both text and images may be encrypted, files remain untouched as yet.

The program includes a very useful full text search function, with a double click to the pages that may seem interesting. Up to 18 user-programmable snippets, that may have keyboard shortcuts as well. Each of these can insert a text fragment of up to a 1000 characters.

Import function to retrieve text from other Diaries, great if you’re keeping a logbook at work, and want to integrate it with your diary at home. It will use timestamps in the text to properly merge the pages together. Export in HTML with images, or in simple text.