Mix sounds or full tracks, with individual adjustments and effects, using Deca Dance audio mixer

Deca-dance lets you mix sounds or full tracks and combine them to record a new one.

The program supports up to 10 audio channels, with each channel loading a different sound, this way allowing you to mix up to 10 sounds simultaneously.

Features: Volume and Panning control for each individual channel – Change volume for added emphasis on certain channels; move the panning from centre to right – Graphical sound location bar – Sound effects for each individual channel – Fade in and Fade out, Loop, Pitch control – Save session at exit feature – Save all sound effects and other settings on each channel that you meticulously worked on. Save the filenames of the sounds loaded on each channel – Keyboard mapping – Master control panel.

Deca-dance is easy to use, but it comes also with a detailed help file. It can be used only with wave files (WAV). How much this program can do for you depends on how much time you invest into mixing, and your developing skill at mixing. The basis of Deca-Dance relies on good wave files to mix. Without good
audio files, the program is next to useless. Second of all, use the functions in the program judiciously. There is no need to have a channel at 400% pitch all the time, unless of course you’re trying to reach that effect. With most free audio conversion programs you can convert many types of common audio files, such as mp3, ogg and compressed wave to uncompressed wave files, which can be read by Deca-Dance; with those program you can also record the output of your Deca-dance work.