Record and retouch with common effects your audio files easily, with Wave Editor

Wave Editor is a free, fast and simple audio editing application, providing a user-friendly interface especially useful for beginners, and offers just the basic editing options like: cut, copy, paste, fade and delete parts of a recording.

Wave Editor will open audio files in MP3, WMA, WAV formats, and it will save in WAV and MP3 formats.

Wave Editor Operations: Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete * Insert Silence * Normalize * Fade In, Fade Out * Save Selected Fragment * Reverse/Invert * Unlimited Undo / Redo * Zoom in / Zoom Out

The program is, for instance, less powerful than Audacity, but it is also easier to use, offering all the necessary functions for the most ordinary audio editing. A well designed and easy to use program, you should try, if you are interested in this level or retouching your audio files.