How to use Color Cop picker to choose colors

Allow Multiple Instances — This is an option which allows the user to restrict only one instance of Color Cop from running at once, or allow multiple copies to run.

Convert RGB Decimal values to HTML Hexadecimal — Depending on the Mode, the Red, Green, and Blue values are converted to the hex color code. These values can be typed in manually or selected with the eyedropper. If the user spins the mouse wheel while the focus is on one of the controls it will increment or decrement depending on the direction. Holding CONTROL will +/- by 5. Holding SHIFT will +/- by 2.

Custom Color Picker — This is the windows common color picker dialog. It can be used to slightly alter the current color. Double-clicking on the color preview window will bring up this dialog. The 16 custom color slots in the dialog are remembered from session to session.

Eyedropper — This control can be dragged around the screen to select any color. If you want to ease the selection, use the Magnifier first.

Persistent Settings — This feature saves your settings to ColorCop.dat. These settings are reloaded the next time you start the application. If you delete ColorCop.dat the settings will be lost. Color Cop will remember screen position, last color, color history, mode, sampling rate, etc.