Calculate cost, risk and profit of investing on a Photovoltaic system

Before you proceed with your investment in photovoltaic systems you may like to have the clearest possible idea of what you risk and what you can hope to get.

Photovoltaic System is a free and light application that will help you know better the future of your investment. The program includes detailed documentation and immediate short tips. It is easy to use although not that modern looking.

Photovoltaic System informs you on many aspects of your investment including of course cost and profit over time. It calculates the Targets Installed and Effective Capacity, Installation Price, your Feed-in Electricity Profit, your Buy-in Electricity Cost, your Self Consumption Rate, Autarky grade, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and your effective PV System Amortization (ROI) over 20…40 years.

To use Photovoltaic System just feed it with the number and properties of your panels, of course their price, weather conditions in your area (sunshine is important as you can guess), etc. Not much; these are things you should know anyway before you go on with this business. And, change every Input Parameter over time, as you think (and not as the sales guy tells you), before you buy.

Download Photovoltaic System