Monitor accounts, transactions, issue invoices, with Financial Manager

Manager is a free application that will let you monitor transactions in your company, keep track of assets, liabilities, expenses, income, equity and other aspects. It includes powerful options and customization abilities in a pleasant and convenient interface. The program is translated to multiple languages and it supports local tax codes, local date formats, local currency formats, country-specific tax reports and more.

You can add journal entries, assign accounts and dates, bank accounts to monitor income, expenses, cash at bank, sales invoices, and customers. Traditional accounting software requires you to enter opening balances, setup chart of accounts, configure tax variables, select when your financial year starts and so on before you can issue your first invoice or record a payment.

Manager doesn’t require all of these set up actions before you are able to simply issue an invoice. For example, it doesn’t need the financial year starting date until the financial year ends which can be a whole year after you start using the program. This greatly reduces the options to decide on and the actions to take before users are able to get started.

Information can be backed up. You can search the database, analyze the financial strengths, liquidity, solvency and network in a balance sheet, review business performance, sales, profit margins and expenses for a specific period in a profit and loss statement, and more. Manager is a convenient assistant for monitoring the financial details of a company. A cloud edition supports multi-user features and access from several devices, but it’s commercial.

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