Download SolvePOS free appointment and stock control program

SolvePOS is a free and basic point of sale / appointment book / stock control program. It may include reminders that you are running a trial version. Just press ‘Continue’, and you won’t face any problem, since SolvePOS is now free.

You will see first the ‘Appointments’ screen — The appointment book screen displays all of your appointments for a particular day. Appointment based businesses will tend to stay on this screen throughout their business day. Creating, editing, cancelling, everything to do with appointments can be performed through here. You can also create new clients and simple staff schedules here.

The point of sale screen is for invoicing your clients and accepting payments. You can also create appointments if necessary.

Client Management – This is the screen to control your clients. It’ll show you basic information about all of them, and you can edit existing and add new clients.

Stock – Stock controls all of the items that you sell. You can organise things in to particular groups, and create specific packs.

Staff – The staff screen is used to create new staff, and to set up their schedules.

Reports – The report screen displays various reports.

Control Panel – Use this screen to set up all of the particular settings for your use of the program.

Services are the simplest of all of the items that you sell as far as setting up goes, as there’s no need to manage any stock counts or suppliers, these are simply services that your staff perform.

The payment form allows users to pay in a variety of ways. The blue highlighted field is the current payment method that the customer is paying via. Please note; This system requires that you manually check that EFTPOS and Credit transactions. If they are not successful, then you should not select them as paid in this form.

You can export reports to a file by simply clicking on the ‘Export Report To File’ button. Currently you have two choices when exporting. Excel XML File (XLS), Comma Delimited File (CSV)

Networking requires that you perform a few tasks; the first of these is to alter the ‘Server’ detail to contain the assigned network name of your Server. To access the database you will need to share out the location that contains the ‘SolvePOS.FDB’ file, which will allow you to connect via a UNC share name. Additionally, you can then map this location to a drive letter on a networked computer.

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