Find, fix, monitor broken links, even batch edit, with WP Broken Link Checker

In case that you have a WordPress site or blog, there is an easy way to find and fix broken links, even monitor your pages for links that brake to avoid giving your visitors the impression of your site being abandoned, and Google a reason perhaps to penalize your site.

This link checker is reliable, powerful and flexible. It gives you options to fix each and every link manually, it can even suggest replacements for broken links in several circumstances, it lets you edit links without having to open the relevant post in the editor, and it can use limited resources to respect your server’s configuration.

Broken links that this plugin is able to find include links to (internal or external) images, pages, scripts, any resource that is referenced in your posts, blogroll, comments, even custom fields.

You can also have WP BLC remove the link keeping the linked text, and receive email notifications whenever new broken links appear on your site. Especially if you are a perfectionist you are going to love this plugin. Go on, it’s free, get it and enjoy!

Download Broken Link Checker