Make successful resumes as Word docs with CVAssistant job application manager

CVAssistant is a free application that will help you create a resume. You can export your resume in docx format and send it to the employer. The program stores your skills and experiences, creates resumes tailored for each job you apply, creates cover letters summarized to match each job advertisement, keeps a history of job applications so you are ready when you receive a phone call. CVAssistant supports all languages.

When you apply for a company where they need a designer you should not talk a lot about your photo shooting skills. Similarly when they are looking for someone who shoots photos you should summarize your designing skills and allocate space in your resume to photo shooting.

You give the software initially all your skills and experiences and based on each job you are going to apply for, you select those skills which are relevant by just clicking them; finally you export the resume with a single click!

CVAssistant keeps track of your job applications so you can be ready when you receive a call. It also reminds you when a job application needs a follow up. It can export a list of all the jobs you have applied so far.

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