Connecting two wireless keyboards on a Windows PC

Using first the Microsoft Natural Keyboard, then the Wireless Entertainment 7000, I was excited with the idea of getting a wireless made of bamboo – just to touch those wooden keys. The keyboard came, it works as expected, the feeling of the keys is great — soft and natural. I love this keyboard, it’s the only one I like even to caress (who would do that with plastics and metals?), and I’m going to type a lot with it!

Bamboo Wireless Keyboard

In case you wonder if there is a problem in Windows connecting two keyboards, you’ll be happy to know that everything works fine. Note that wireless keyboards usually need to be connected on main USB ports, not on hubs. This is not a problem for me, since my PC is equipped with 8 USB ports, and I can easily connect other devices to the extra 2 hubs that I use to increase my USB ports to 17.

(In case you have MSE 7000: to connect it on newer Windows plug the USB dongle, then power on the keyboard and press the little button that makes the keyboard traceable. Open “Devices and Printers” in the Control Panel and click the “Add device” menu. Windows finds the keyboard almost immediately and asks you to type a code with it. Type the code, press Enter and you are done!). To enjoy maximum reliability use a usb cord to get the usb receiver closer to the keyboard.

All of my input devices are wireless — the two keyboards and the Logitech G700 mouse (the mouse that came with the bamboo keyboard is nice, but even wood won’t compete with the Logitech) – they are all connected, and they work together without conflicts or any other problem. This is great, not only because one can change typewriting equipment, the way we change our pen according to needs and mood, but also because of the possibility to construct a virtual super-keyboard consisting of two or more keyboards!

Note also, in case that you use SharpKeys or similar utilities to remap some of your keyboard keys, your customizations will be valid for all of your connected keyboards — there is no way to have profiles, at least not with the remapping software that I know.

* Check for Bamboo keyboards, and the Microsoft Entertainment 7000, at Amazon!