Write music, even an orchestral score, playback, and export as sound or PDF, with Musink

Musink is a free music-composition application that lets you write music fast. You can use Musink to create orchestral scores, short-musical-snippets, exercise books… Musink is particularly useful if you are a publisher, drummer, or writing music for many voices.

Notes are added by putting the mouse where you would like a note, and clicking. Musink automatically takes care of music rules and layout. You can change the entire look of a score in seconds, by choosing a different template (page layout).

Musink can play back your music through any GM-compatible MIDI device. It can also export your work as MIDI and lets you export MIDI loops.

Musink can publish your score as PDF or XPS document, or as a series of PNG image files. The program is free to download in a “Lite” version; a Pro version offers more features.