Cut large files to pieces of any number or size, with KFK Splitter

KFK splitter is a free and efficient program that divides large files into pieces of a custom number or size, providing also an executable file able to join these pieces.

The whole procedure is easy, you won’t face any difficulty to understand and use KFK, and it’s a method that can be not only useful but also unavoidable, for instance if you’d like to email a really large file to a friend or colleague.

As you would expect from such a program it’s interface is not complicated. You are given the options to split or rebuild files, select media to let the program decide how to split a file, select source and destination, etc. The program is able even to burn CDs with the parts of your file, if you prefer not to do it yourself.

Another nice feature is the profiles or preset split sizes you are offered for common tasks of the kind, but you can customize everything.

Download KFK