Winamp Remote Control, a nice Windows gadget

Remote Control for Winamp is a free and well designed desktop gadget. It shows the current song title (if you have enabled scrolling) playback position and volume level, allowing you to control Winamp volume, rewind or fast forward the current track, skip tracks.

An advantage of this gadget over other Winamp front-ends is that users can create their own skins. Besides this, the Winamp gadget, by just being a Windows sidebar gadget, has an advantage you might need: it won’t disappear if you minimize all windows.

Run install32.bat or install64.bat with administrator privileges (right-click the file and choose Run as administrator) – choose install32.bat for Windows 32-bit or install64.bat for 64-bit. Right-click the Sidebar and add the gadget

Clicking the title area will run and/or show Winamp. Perhaps you’d like to uncheck “Show Winamp in taskbar” in Winamp preferences to free up some space in the task bar. The “Scroll title in Windows taskbar” option in Winamp preferences affects the Gadget title scrolling, too.