Normalize WAV audio, even keeping album volume differences, with WaveGain

WaveGain is a GUI you can use to apply ReplayGain to wav files avoiding command line mode. A similar program, wav normalizer will let you bring wav files to the same level, but not in album mode, i.e. the original volume differences will be lost and each track will gain the exact same level with all the rest. So far as I know WaveGain is the closer you can get to Mp3Gain for wav files, but Mp3Gain remains more convenient.

WaveGain will let you select your wav files, drag and drop them on its windows, select radio or album mode, then define extra gain, positive or negative (increase or decrease volume). Since the program re-writes the original files, quality may decrease too, which is the reason the the program includes the option of applying some dithering. It will also let you choose output quality from 8 bit to 32 bit PCM signed or unsigned.

Unlike Mp3Gain, WaveGain won’t let you undo any changes (always take care to backup your files), it won’t let you preview volume differences before or after changes, and even some calculation by which the program will define the (default) maximum gain value you can use to have high quality results, is useless, since it opens in a dos window that closes immediately leaving you unable to read the results!

However, even by a try-and-see initial use you will easily and quickly understand this program, that, in any case, provides more features and even more convenience compared with wav normalizer. Just don’t forget to backup your files before you apply any changes, especially as long as you are not familiar with the functioning of WaveGain. This download includes ReplayGain, you don’t have to download anything else.

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