Fix Firefox image Save As disability

I use to right click on web images and select the Firefox “Save Image As” option. However recently this option stopped working, selecting “save as” would result to Firefox doing nothing at all!

Going to the Help menu I started Firefox in Safe Mode. All add-ons were disabled, and “Save Image As” now worked! I understood that some add on caused this problem. I restarted Firefox in normal mode, to find which add-on should be disabled. First I disabled add-ons related to downloading (download helper, down all, etc). No joy.

Then I disabled an add-on called Mozilla Archive Format; it seems that this add-on won’t co-operate well with recent versions of Firefox, because after I disabled it, the “Save Image As” option started working again!

You might not use this particular add-on and still have the same problem; just try to find the add-on that is responsible for the problem in your case, starting from add-ons related with saving and downloading. Enjoy!