Convert FAT32 drives to NTFS without losing any data

I needed this conversion when I realized that my flash drive was formatted in the FAT32 system and I couldn’t copy there files larger than 4 GB, no matter how much free space was available. Re-formatting the drive to NTFS would erase all data, but there is another method — very easy, although of the command-line type.

You can’t keep your data and also convert your FAT32 flash drive to NTFS using some system utility that comes with GUI, you cannot use Computer Management, Control Panel, etc.

Open the command prompt or just hit Win+R to open the Run dialogue. Then write (or just paste) this command (replacing g with the letter Windows assigned to your flash drive):

Convert g: /FS:NTFS

Note that for this solution to work your flash drive should not be full with data but have enough free space.