PCIE m.2 NVMe vs SATA SSD drives, are there real differences?

Computers are changing rapidly and we are used to replacing or upgrading them as often as we can. Hard Drives were and remain a part that introduces significant problems in speed and reliability.

This “bottleneck” situation changed in the SSD era, but since NVMe m.2 PCIE drives are even more expensive than SATA SSDs, one wonders if there is a real difference, worth all those extra money.

I haven’t tried myself an NVMe drive, but I’ve read a lot, from experts’ reviews to opinions of ordinary people in forums or elsewhere. So far my impression is that there is a difference only when you copy or move around huge files, 500GB or more, or if you work on a network where the drive is accessed by many people. Otherwise you won’t see much of a difference, you will feel that those extra money you spent for an NVMe, are rather wasted.

If you are building a brand new PC, you don’t have a reason –except for the health of your wallet, of course– to avoid using an NVMe instead of a SATA SSD. If you have already a SATA SSD and you are thinking to replace it with an NVMe, perhaps you’d better let some time pass and see if dramatic changes occur in the technology of those drives, then upgrade. It seems that the world of benchmarks does not reflect the real world experience you are going to have from an NVMe drive.