Urban Brawl Action Doom stand alone prequel with cell shaded graphics

Urban Brawl is the prequel to Action Doom, telling your character’s history before those events. Urban Brawl embodies a comic book look and feel, with cell shaded graphics and story sequences. All of this is fused with a game play that reminds of an old beat-em up game.

Urban Brawl is a Stand Alone game: Doom2 is not required. If you would like to run Urban Brawl as a Doom 2 wad (save HD space), you can download ZDoom and unzip it into your Doom 2 directory. Drag the action2.zip file onto your zdoom.exe to play.

A commercial version offers some more features you may not need. You can have a full game play with the free version.

Story: Ten years before the events of the Uac Site 4 disaster, you are a former law enforcement officer, laid off, drunk, miserable, and raising your daughter alone. When contract killers kidnap your daughter, it’s time for action.