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Download Today Greek Calendar, to follow Orthodox Dates

“Today” is a free calendar / event journal based on the Greek Orthodox Church holidays. It shows every day all name days, religious and historical information and also astronomical data. You can add your own dates, countdows and more.

Features: For every day, the current holiday is displayed, along with the names that celebrate (name days). * All data is based on the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church. * Floating events and name days (based on Orthodox Easter) are correctly calculated. * Shows detailed ecclesiastical feasts & Saints. * You can enter your own dates like birthdays, anniversaries etc. * Countdown window, to show how many days are left to any event. * The user interface can be toggled between the english and greek languages, although the actual holidays and name days are displayed in Greek. * The application supports displaying Greek even on non-greek windows.

A commercial version adds outlook, mail collaboration and calendar printing.

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