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How to add the missing sound schemes on Windows 8

Unfortunately Windows 8 does not include the nice collection of sound schemes featured on Windows 7.

If you are not interested in the one and only scheme of Windows 8 here is what you can do to add more.

First of all, you need to have the sounds of the Windows 7 schemes, or any other sounds you may like.

Then you must enter into the Windows registry the necessary information in order for the names of the sound schemes to appear in the drop down box of the Windows Control Panel “Sound” applet.

Here is a registry file (Windows Sound Schemes.reg) you can run to enter into the registry the necessary information.

In the archive you are welcome to download from this page it is also included a complete sound scheme of TheFreeWindows featuring sounds of birds and waters. It is a pleasant and comfortable scheme I’m sure you will enjoy!

Paste TheFreeWindows folder to the /Windows/Media directory, run the registry file included in the Setup subfolder, open the Sound applet of the Control Panel and associate the relevant Windows events with TheFreeWindows or with whatever sounds you like.

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