Download Psycle Music Studio, to enjoy your own Music Studio

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Psycle is a free open source modular music creation studio. Virtual instruments, sound generators, and effects can be used and combined in a modular way to create the end result of a complete musical composition.

You can use Psycle to create all types of electronic music, but it is not limited to that; pre-recorded tracks (a vocal track and a guitar track for example) can be inserted as well.

Psycle has an Old-School Tracker interface, but it supports VST Plugins and VST Instruments in addition to samples.

Development is ongoing, current features include: 32 Tracks Pattern Editor; Stereo Sampler unit; 8 internal Plugins; 20+ Native Plugins; open API for third party plugins; VST + VSTi Host; Internal .wav output; Configurable Keyboard Layout; .fxb loading for VST’s; Midi-In Support.

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