Windows Rule lets me click, type or tap to restart or shutdown instantly

Windows Rule is a free utility that I use every day, since it gives me more power over such regular events as shutting down the PC.

Windows Rule places at the Start Menu tiles for Restart, Shutdown and Signout. This way you can reach these tasks by writing their names or tap or clicking the Start Menu tiles. Besides this, it gives you all these commands and more (hibernation, sleep) as a menu that pops up if you use a (customizable) keyboard shortcut!

Reaching these options through their official Windows menu I need to press several keyboard keys, otherwise I am obliged to use my mouse and even this way is not convenient enough. Windows Rule makes my life so much easier and I stopped even thinking about shutting down my PC or restarting it without this little utility.

Never before was so easy for my PC to restart, shutdown, logoff, sleep or hibernate! Windows Rule rocks!