eMule Sources column in Transfers: the meaning of numbers

eMule is complicated and it does not give explanations for everything. When you download a file and you are in the Transfers panel, if the Sources column is activated you will see a lot of numbers. For example 2/6/7 (2) [726]!

The first number (number “2” in our example) means that you’ve asked to download 2 files from the same source. The second number means that 6 sources are available for this file. The third number means that the total number of useful sources for the file you want is 7. The fourth number (inside brackets) means that you are currently downloading using 2 sources.

The fifth and very large number — I wish I knew what this means!

Note that the first number may seem useless, but it is not. If you know that you asked for more than one file from the same source, since eMule permits the download of only one file from the same source postponing the others, you can understand why the other file you have asked for is idle. In the “Details” panel you will see this number after the A4AF (Asked For Another File) shortcut.