Backup files and folders even in chain mode, with LeonAutoBackup

LeonAutoBackup is a free (for personal use), portable and light program that will copy your files / folders to one or more destinations (not ftp, though), manually or automatically. It copies files from “working” (source) folder(s) to “backup” (destination) folder(s) when the program starts / exits or after a specified time interval. There is an internal counter increasing every second while the program is running except when a backup job is in progress.

LeonAutoBackup supports command line switches. It will also let you specify exclusions with “?” and/or “*” wildcards, as well as to define a number of days for deleted source files to be kept in the destination / backup folders. To speed up backup jobs you can choose whether the program should check file modification times or not. If that check is disabled, the program will copy new files only.

To work with multiple backup folders, you need to activate “Chained” mode:
Source -> Destination 1
Destination 1 -> destination 2
Destination 2 -> destination 3

Normal mode works like this:
Source -> destination 1
Source -> destination 2