Disable easily those annoying cookie warnings imposed by European law

What a nightmare those European geniuses created, supposedly protecting privacy in the European Union, really making all the sites of the world driving us crazy with constant warnings about cookies, when cookies are just necessary! The only “privacy” they achieved is that they force us on each and every web site to click “OK” and “I accept” and “Yes”, all the time, without end, everywhere, without any reason at all…

If you are annoyed like me by all those buttons you have to click under European law, there is a simple solution, just a Chrome extension that satisfies automatically all those warnings so that you don’t even see them.

Pages popping up such warnings usually stop also access to the web site before one accepts cookies. This extension saves you from all this madness. All sites become accessible, cookies are accepted and you don’t see any warning at all. That is, everything works like it used to before European Privacy Saviors discovered this magnificent way to protect us.

I haven’t seen a single warning from the time I installed this life-saving extension. According to the author some web sites won’t be defeated, but this is rare. It works also with the new Edge browser. If you use Firefox, I don’t know of any similar addon, but I hope it will be available in the future. Enjoy!

Download the “I don’t care about cookies” extension