How to disable WordPress AutoSave

Why would you like to disable such a useful feature, as auto save? 1) Because it interrupts your work, 2) Because you have reasons to believe you are not in danger of losing your post, 3) Because you seldom preview your posts before publishing, 4) Because the developers of WordPress did not have the common sense to let you configure how frequent should autosave be…

To disable WordPress autosave go to the wp-admin folder of your WordPress installation and open these files:

1) page-new.php, 2) page.php, 3) post-new.php, 4) post.php

In all 4 files search for the function:  wp_enqueue_script('autosave');
and comment it out (replace it with):  // wp_enqueue_script('autosave');

Make sure the ‘quotes’ are straight and not fancy. Close the files, upload to the server and you are done. If you want to have autosave back, just remove those two lines in front of the autosave function.

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