If your Logitech mouse stops dragging an item before you drop it

I have a Logitech G602 gaming mouse with lots of buttons, able to store in itself profiles, and with great battery life!

Suddenly this problem appeared. Dragging a picture to add it to an eMail message or dragging some window to change its position on screen, would not work. My mouse would drag anything for a second, then dragging was somehow ‘deactivated’ and the item was dropped anywhere the cursor was at the time!

Started to think that perhaps my mouse needs replacement, I replaced it with a Logitech G700 (I had already bought it before this problem, but preferred to use G602 because of its greater battery life and the greater number of buttons), but the problem was not gone!

Then I opened the Gaming Software that comes with Logitech mice, disabled the option that makes it “Start with Windows”, closed it and restarted my PC. Obviously Logitech Gaming Software introduces the problems. Now that I don’t have it running, the mouse works as expected.

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