Backup your USB Drives and Memory Cards automatically, with USBFlashCopy

USBFlashCopy is a free (for personal use) and portable utility that lets you keep backups of removable drives and memory cards automatically, that is immediately at the moment you connect them to your PC.

USBFlashCopy features the creation of profiles you can use to define what to backup from each of your drives. For example, you may need to backup only documents from this drive and only pictures from your other drive, etc.

If you keep USBFlashCopy running, it is able to detect the connection of a drive and ask you to perform a backup if it’s a known USB drive, or configure a backup if it’s a new drive. A so called “silent mode”, when the program performs a previously defined backup without giving any prompts at all, is available only in the commercial version.

Another useful feature is that USBFlashCopy can delete files from the USB drive after they are copied to the hard disk. Files already existing in the destination can be overwritten or kept along with the new ones.

Download USBFlashCopy