Convert SACD ISO images to MP3 audio, easily

You may have this great ISO image of your Super Audio CD trying to rip it. It is easy, and it can be done with freeware; you won’t have to record sound coming from your player, it is possible to rip the image itself as you do with normal CDs. However, as you can guess, you will also lose the super audio quality, reduce it to the level of lossless wav, etc, even to mp3. The easiest way that I know of and use myself, is to 1) Install the free Foobar2000 audio player,

2) Open Foobar and feed it with your SACD ISO image, even by dragging and dropping it to the player’s window,

3) Select the tracks you’d like converted, right click on them and press “Convert.”

A dialogue opens letting you choose an audio format for the conversion. There are several formats you can use, from ogg to mp3. If you don’t have utilities that may be needed for each format, such as Lame for mp3, you can still convert to Windows lossless WAV audio, then use your regular audio converter, e.g. Xrecode, to convert the wav files to mp3.

Note that Foobar needs also the SACD component you can download right from this page. Place it into the Components folder of your Foobar installation, and enjoy!