Enjoy an alternative Windows search, with CSearcher

Windows Explorer includes powerful search functions, with drawbacks you may like sometimes to avoid. A serious problem is that most of its available filters cannot be selected from some list but you need to know how to write and use them. Another problem is how it presents results. There is only one way, take it or leave it, if you change it, e.g. to view the results as small icons, etc., this mode cannot become default, next time you search you will see a huge list where each entry occupies several lines. Another serious problem is that you cannot right click a result and get its address, it is as if search results were its proper location in the disk! Another problem is that you need to have a Master in IT to know such a (should be) simple thing, how to search only for files without folders or only for folders without files…

CSearcher is a free and portable (no need to install) utility that solves these problems. It will put (optionally) an entry in the context menu of folders so that when you need to search you can just right click and search any folder for files or folders, including or not subfolders.

Each of CSearcher results occupies just a line, in small letters, and details you may need to know. Other than that you can even find files containing some keyword, and you can fine tune the results, if its not exactly what you expected, you can apply filters to the results only instead of performing a new search.

Note also that CSearcher won’t make an index, but it is very fast. If you prefer to avoid letting Windows make an index of your files, then you have one more reason to try CSearcher!

Download CSearcher