Reactivating a blank laptop screen by yourself

Unless the screen or other parts of your laptop, such as your hard disk, are defective and need replacement, there is hope you can start enjoying your PC again, in case that your operating system starts normally, you are able to hear logon sounds etc, even if you cannot see anything at all…

1) First remove the battery, then press the power button of your laptop for about 30 seconds, then put the battery back on and start your laptop as usual.

2) Sometimes a laptop may face blank screen problems when it is cold. Turn it on and let it on for a while (15 to 30 minutes), until it is hot. Then restart and see if the screen now works. Note also that sometimes you may need to leave your laptop on for several hours, in case you had it unused for a long time in a cold and moist environment.

3) If you are able to enter bios settings, try deactivating hardware you don’t need, such as pci cards, network cards, modem, whatever, in case that some of these devices does not function well and causes your screen problem.

4) If you can change bios settings, try restoring everything to factory defaults.

5) In some cases, when all the hardware is alive and well, bios settings are perfectly adjusted, etc, a laptop may have this blank screen problem just because video card drivers cause conflicts. To make sure this is not your case, search extensively on-line for video drivers tested and working for your operating system.