Search your PC easily with IndexYourFiles

Index Your Files (IYF) is a free and portable application supporting Unicode, that is able to index and search for file names and/or file contents. IYF compacts the indexes and can create indexes only for directories you select. It displays the results inside its own pane.

With plenty of stats about your files and various ways to manipulate them, Index Your Files will provide a remarkable alternative way to search your files.

Search can be performed by Name, Date, Size, Location. You can also use Boolean operators to perform multiple keyword searches.

Features: Use Windows Explorer context menus on found files. Use drag and drop, copy, rename, delete. View file contents for text, html, and graphics. Automatically update the indexes any time, in time intervals, in a schedule. Display search results from many different folders. The indexes are compacted. Arrange results by name , folder, extension, date, size. Taskbar icon for quick access. Drag & Drop.