Celebrate Christmas and winter with falling snow flakes, stars, balls, and more, using DesktopSnowOK

Christmas is always near! This light, portable and free utility will let you celebrate Christmas or just the winter on your desktop by dropping snow flakes!

DesktopSnowOK may not have a great name, but it is simple, easy to use, and works. The program lets you adjust the number of flakes. You can also decide how fast they fall and how transparent they are.

You can also choose yourself the texture and shape of the flakes, but not only that. The program includes options of having leaves, flowers, balls, stars and more stuff in several colors, numbers and textures! Falling color leaves are among the best in my opinion, along with snow flakes of course. In “blow” mode instead of falling they fly upwards, which is interesting! The program can be activated or deactivated easily through the system tray.

If you like to add some spice on your desktop when you are in celebration mood, DesktopSnowOK is a program you may really like to try.

Download DesktopSnowOK 64 or 32 bit