Edit NK2 Outlook files easily to change stored contacts, with NK2Edit

NK2Edit is a free (for personal use only) program you can use to edit those nk2 files and modify email addresses and other contact information saved by MS Outlook automatically each time you compose a message.

The program is easy to use and simple, but not anything exciting as regards the interface. Happily drag and drop is supported (you don’t have always to browse for a file to open it).

A nice feature is that you are allowed not only to edit stored information in this file, but also to export it to Outlook Contacts. Of course, before you make any changes make sure you save a copy of the nk2 file you are going to edit. The program itself is able to create backups for you in case you feel safer this way.

NK2Edit can export all information included in those nk2 files to CSV, HTML, plain unicode text, and XML.

Download NK2Edit