Download Donar CD Ripper, to rip and convert

Donar CD Ripper is a free utility which rips CDs and converts audio files. It allows you to extract into MP3, OGG or WAV files, and you can convert between these formats.

Features: VBR compression; collect title information from the CDDB database; ID3 tagging; extract only part of the CD or of the track (from which minute and second to which minute and second); normalize; record sound files; Character Replacement (for those characters you cannot use in a filename); Split Track name to Artist/Track using X character (useful in case of a compilation which includes various artists); Add Files to M3U or PLS Play-list;

Methods – Standard: Enabling the jitter correction allows extra data to be read from the CD. The jitter errors are detected by merely comparing the overlap area with the data cropped during the precedent read. Paranoia Overlap Only: It behaves similarly to Standard Ripping Method, the only exception that it uses the cdparanoia library. Paranoia No Verify: Employs the full cdparanoia ripping method without having the verification option enabled. Paranoia No Scratch Repair: does not check for scratches and does not execute scratch-tolerant synchronization when verification is in progress. Paranoia Full: Enables all the available cdparanoia options.

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