Magnify cursor areas or the whole screen, with Pixelscope

Pixelscope is a light, free and convenient tool, that will let you magnify in various zoom levels a customizable area around your cursor.

You will appreciate this tool especially if you don’t have the vision of an eagle, but also in case of presentations, when you need to show something with an added emphasis.

The program adds an icon in the system tray you can use to activate and deactivate magnification. A serious problem is that you cannot use a keyboard shortcut to select state or even just to have the menu popup without having to reach the system tray.

Another disadvantage is that zoom levels are not that practical. The program starts from doubling the size, which may be already too large, without finer levels! Besides this, if you add a color effect you may find that the color is too intense, making everything difficult to read; it would be nice if Pixelscope let you select some opacity levels to make the color effect milder.

Download Pixelscope 64bit or 32bit