Run a program at a lower (or higher) priority

Especially when a program consumes a lot of resources making the computer difficult to use, you may want to start it in low priority. This way you can still perform other jobs easily when this program is working.

Of course you can do also the opposite if you need it, that is to start an application in a higher priority, in order to ensure that it completes as fast as possible.

Create a new text (*.txt) file and paste this text, changing “mp3 converter” to the name of the application you want to start, and also changing “C:\Program Files\Converter.exe” to the path of your application:

start "mp3 converter" /low "C:\Program Files\Converter.exe"

All quotation marks are necessary, do not remove them. Rename the file to whatevername.bat (e.g. StartConverterLow.bat); save it to your documents and create a shortcut to that file in the Start Menu.

Each time you open that specific application using this shortcut, it will start in low priority.

To use other priorities you can change the /low switch of this command, to /high or /belownormal /abovenormal /Realtime.