How to find and modify your MS Word custom templates

All your custom templates you may have created for earlier versions of Office are still there; Office doesn’t show them by default, yet it’s easy to have them available in your Personal tab. Write the following address in Cortana, or in the “Run” dialogue (Ctrl+R), and press Enter: %appdata%\Microsoft\Templates\

This opens Windows Explorer in the address of your templates. Copy this address by right-clicking in Explorer’s address bar. Then in Word go to File > Options > Save, and paste the address into the Default personal templates location box.

After you have updated the location of your templates, any new templates will be saved there. In case you had a different folder in the past for your custom templates, you can just use that address.

To edit a custom template, go to File > Open, and double click “This PC”. Browse to Custom Office Templates in My Documents or anywhere you save your custom templates. Click your template and open it. Make any changes you want, save and close it.