If your monitor refuses to wake up after entering power save mode

You may suffer from this seemingly strange problem. Your monitor enters power save mode but is unable to wake up when you press your keyboard or move the mouse. You need to turn it off and then on again to bring it back to life.

Sometimes your keyboard and mouse are able to wake up the monitor, only if power save mode was activated recently, but after half an hour or more, your keyboard and mouse become impotent! They still communicate with the system, moving them may cause various events, but your monitor won’t wake up! You can fix this problem easily if you check some system settings.

Press the Windows key to enter Windows Search and open the Device Manager. Go to the “keyboards” section and check your keyboard and all those “HID Keyboard Device” entries, if they exist, making sure that in their “Power Management” tab they can “wake the computer”. Do the same for “Mice and other pointing devices”.

Then go again in Windows Search and open the “Power Options”. Make sure in the “Advance Settings” of your power plan that “USB selective suspend” is “disabled”.