Download 3D Morris Prof free PC simulation of Nine Men Morris board game

3D Morris Prof is a free PC simulation of the Nine Men’s Morris board game. It offers 5 levels, from “very easy” to “unbeatable”. A realistic physics engine and real-time graphics with sound contribute to the game’s fun.

The goal of the game is to close as many mills as possible and take the opponent’s pieces from the board. The player who is left with only two pieces or can’t move his pieces has lost the game. A player starts by placing a piece on a empty spot on the board.

Whoever can close a mill (placing 3 pieces in a row) may remove one of his opponent’s pieces from the board, but he can’t remove any piece from a formed mill.

To move, a player slides one of his pieces along a board line to an empty adjacent spot. If he can’t move, he has lost the game. Once a player has three pieces only, his pieces may jump to whatever empty spots. If this player loses one more stone, he loses the game.