Window Manipulator saves my PC life every day!

Window Manipulator is one of my addictions, a free little program I use each and every day — and I can’t even imagine my life without it.

I guess it’s impossible for one to use a PC without knowing by experience how difficult it can be to “aim” at the edges or a corner of any app to resize it. Window Manipulator lets me press a keyboard key then right click a window anywhere, not only on sides or corners but even at the center, at any point whatever, to resize it!

Resizing is not the only useful feature of Window Manipulator, equally if not even more useful is global drag and drop, which means that I don’t have to “grab” a window from the titlebar to move it, I can press a keyboard key, then left-click anywhere on the window to drag and drop it wherever!

Easy move and easy resize are already enough for me to use Window Manipulator every day, but they are more! The program offers a keyboard shortcut that would move any active window to the center of the screen and another one that will move it again back where it was! This last one is a feature I don’t use often, but bringing a window automatically to the center without (even the easy one) drag and drop is something that I use almost every day! Easy resize, easy move and easy centering are three features so useful I can’t imagine myself without them! I hope you’ll find Window Manipulator so useful as I did, but since it is free you don’t have anything to lose if you give it a try.