Retouch MP3s or WAVs with Audio Effect

Audio Effect is a free application that will help you retouch your mp3 or wav files by changing their volume or tone range, enhancing vocal or instrumental areas, bass, treble or middle areas. You can use Audio Effect if you need to avoid more complex (and also more efficient free audio editors, such as Audacity).

Audio Effect does not include a preview option. After you select your file and drop it on its window it will convert the file immediately and save it in the same folder with the original, appending at its name a description of the applied changes.

The adjustment of the effects is also crude. You need to experiment a while to get the results you want, which means that you will spend a lot of time if your tracks are lengthy.

You won’t find also much help or documentation in the program. Note, that the “-only” option (“Bass only”, “Treble only”, etc), means that the program will change all the other frequencies except for Bass, Treble, etc.